Wat ga je doen?

Your challenge is to bet all available cultivation techniques correctly in all glasshouses. Total of 10 hectares. Through your efforts and insight you get the most out of the crop; both in terms of production figures and the quality level of the harvested product. 
You are responsible for fertilization, watering, the climate, crop protection and the hygiene protocol. You arrange that the crop registration and control is properly carried out and recorded. Within the cultivation team you discuss crop operations and crop protection measures. Every day you discuss the work on the crop with the head of labor and indicate when additional actions need to be carried out.
Every week a cultivation advisor who visits the company is an important sparring partner for you. 

Wat vragen wij?

The ideal candidate:
– Will settle in Switzerland for a number of years
– Preferably brings a fair amount of tomato growing knowledge
– Or has experience with the 'cultivation' of other fruit vegetables
– Is driven, proactive and focused on collaboration
– Communicative and socially skilled, speaks English
– Is used to work with the computer, also with data
– Experience with leadership, people-oriented leadership
– International work experience is an advantage

Wat kunnen wij bieden?

– An international challenge at a modern greenhouse horticulture company
– Team of enthusiastic and motivated colleagues who enjoy their work
– The develop your own expertise
– Sufficient knowledge available to grow together 
– Living and working in a beautiful environment, a house is available
– A good salary and good secondary terms of employment

Wie is onze partner?

Our client has a modern production location in Switzerland where all kinds of tomatoes are grown and packaged for, among others, the local market. The family business has a long history in which several generations were leading the company. At the moment the company is run by enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. 
In order to successfully manage the tomato cultivation and to achieve the highest possible production/quality ratio, our client is looking for a growing manager.