Is your company active in the horti business? Are you looking for an employee for a specific or higher position? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are specialized in higher educational positions in both national and international horticultural sector (floriculture & AGF). We help our clients to find candidates within all common functions: from cultivation specialists to logistics managers and from director management positions to account managers.

Lutgo Recruitment is keen on helping to find you the right candidate.

Why working with Lutgo Recruitment?
• 20 years of experience in the horti business
• Knowledge of the industry and type of positions
• Finding candidates with the correct DNA
• Personal and open approach
• Collaborate with long-term relationships


Our workmethod in 4 steps

To get to know our clients

We will schedule a meeting and visit our clients. This to get the best results for upcoming application. Here we can see in what kind of environment the candidate is going to work in. With clients abroad we will have a skype interview or Teams meeting. We need to understand the business and type of company. What culture and its vision. We ask about the vacancy and tasks, which place he or she will work in the organization, desired personal characteristics and details associated with the position. All information provided will be treated confidential. After we will make a job offer sketch based on all information to put on our website.


Recruit & Select

When the job offer in online we will apply all our network skills. We search in our own database, post it on Social media and talk to people in our sector. We will interview or check possible candidates if they are open to a transfer.

We extensively interview our candidates. Regarding the jobs offer position, business culture, personal characteristics and ambitions.
Only the perfect matched candidates will be presented to the client.


Introduction and first job interview

We only present fitted candidates for job the client offers. We substantiate the introduction in the email. The client decides whether he wants to speak to the proposed candidate.
Lutgo Recruitment arranges an appointment between candidate and client. Afterwards, the Lutgo consultant ask both for feedback.

Any follow-up interviews are arranged by Lutgo Recruitment.






Assisting & Hiring

Lutgo Recruitment will assist both parties during the process to reach the best agreement. We will have an advisory role in this. Ultimately, the candidate and the client decide together if they agree on the terms of employment.
We will be on contact with both parties after the candidate has started in his or her new job.