Wat ga je doen?

Your challenge is to bring the products to the attention of a wider customer group 
and to stimulate sales further. You use your experience and network to achieve this.
The growers are the customers. You know the horticultural sector and know how to target and convince both large and small customers. Because practical tests have been carried out with many crop groups, you have a lot of data at your disposal to substantiate this added value of the product. You will give presentations and show tests results to give you the needed back-up.
You will talk to both the owners and responsible cultivation managers. You can have a discussion at a technical cultivation level and convince them about the effect of the product with the added value for the plant and production.
You can and will choose your own tactical approach. You will also be challenged to think along about the strategy and (international) development. You are supported by a team of experienced colleagues. 
You work from Spain (South-East). You are on the road a lot.

Wat vragen wij?

Your knowledge: 
• Sales experience to growers and cooperatives, as well as with large fruit and vegetable production companies
• Good listener with connecting skills
• Independent, strong personality 
• Commercial and driven attitude
• Hands-on (roll up your sleeves)
• A team player with colleagues 
• Result and solution oriented
• Reliable and able to work accurately
• Preferably fluent Spanish speaking and living in the area
• Cultivation knowledge in the flower and/or plant sector

Wat kunnen wij bieden?

Employment conditions
• A job with a great challenge in which you determine your own future
• A nice team of colleagues who are always ready to help. 
• Working at a fast-growing organization with a unique product. 
• A company where everyone rolls up their sleeves to succeed. 
• A competitive salary based on experience

Wie is onze partner?

Our relationship is an innovative new player in the sector. After thorough research at renowned practice companies and test centers, the step was taken to introduce its products to the market.
Trials have shown statically that plants that use the product look more vital due to, among other things, a healthier root environment. Plants look healthier in color and plant structure. Because the resistance of the plants has increased, viruses and bacteria have less chance of making the plant sick. Plants can now achieve higher production in these optimal growing conditions.
The advantage of the products is that they are extremely user-friendly, making large-scale application possible. You can also keep your plants healthy at a lower cost.
In short, the product has enough proven unique properties to be widely used in the horticultural sector. To further expand sales, our relationship is looking for a Cultivation Technical Sales Manager in Spain (South-East)